Anita Schmid

Die Falte

Anita Schmid

Die Falte


22 Jun – 6 Jul 2018


21 Jun 19:00


6 Jul 19:00


Hochhaus Herrengasse 6–8, 1010 Wien


21 Jun 19:30, Anne Müller und Christoph Luser
6 Jul 19:30, Christoph Luser (Text: Anita Schmid)

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Hochhaus Herrengasse Wien


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The fold is differentiated along two directions, along two infinities. ‘The fold of the matter and the folds in the soul.’

‘(...) We need a ‘cryptography’ that, counting nature, at the same time deciphers the soul, that sees in the folds of matter, and reads in the folds of the soul.’

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Inspired by the philosophical treatise ‘The Fold’ by Gilles Deleuze, Anita Schmid visually translates the directions given in the book. She tries to approach the fold in different ways. For example, a sculpture is shown that is reminiscent of an ancient loom from 500 years BC. The loom on which the fabric is created, which in turn creates the folding of matter.

There will be sculptural images made of marble and mirrors on display. On the day of the opening, there will be a performance with actors Anne Müller and Christoph Luser, guiding visitors through the exhibition.

Anita Schmid studies fine art and photography at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna with Matthias Herrmann and Martin Goodman.

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