Anna Mitterer

The Seen Walls of Lost Eden

Anna Mitterer

The Seen Walls of Lost Eden


13 Mar—4 Apr 2018


12 Mar 19:00


Hochhaus Herrengasse 6-8, 1010 Wien

Film Screening

12 Mar 19:00, ‘Queen of the Air’, 2017, 30 min

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Hochhaus Herrengasse Wien


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For several years, Anna Mitterer has intensively studied the works and writings of the English author, painter, art theorist, social philosopher and critic John Ruskin. As part of this process, she combines already existing works and drawings with newly created ones to form a thematic installation.

This solo presentation will feature an object installation ‘The Seen Walls of Lost Eden’, 2006, as well as drawings created during the production of her new film ‘Queen of the Air’.

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Anna Mitterer's works reflect the topicality of Ruskin's theories and works on nature, landscape, work and man and his search for the lost Eden, the faded paradise, which is only recognized and becomes true once it is lost.
The protagonist in her work ‘The Seen Walls of Lost Eden’ could be borrowed from a Beckettian drama, but is equally influenced by the Victorian figure of the aging English art theorist and social critic John Ruskin.

John Ruskin was a lone campaigner against the negative effects of industrialization, which he believed brought with it the loss of human individuality in mass production and the merciless use of nature's resources.

In cooperation with Art Institute Vienna, the film ‘Queen of the Air’ will be shown to the audience for the first time on the exhibition's opening night. Anna Mitterer, filmmaker and artist, was born in Innsbruck and lives and works in Vienna. She completed her studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna with Gunter Damisch.

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