Vienna Sculpture 2022


Vienna Sculpture 2022

Curated by

Herwig Kempinger, Kasia Matt-Uszynska


9 June – 29 October


8 June 19:00


Rennweg 110-116, Space 2

Organized by

Verein Skulptur

As the first joint project by Herwig Kempinger and Kasia Matt-Uszynska, 'Here and Now' offers a new platform in Vienna for artists active in the fields of sculpture and object art. With the selection of 20 contemporary positions, the exhibition unites different generations of artists and sculptural concepts, in order to demonstrate the diversity of the characteristic Viennese sculpture scene. In the spacious rooms of the former St. Marx car garage, the works will enter into a room-spanning dialogue on over 1000m² with each other and with the viewers. The diversity of the works ranges from plaster casts by Angelika Loderer to Toni Schmale's steel objects, Fritz Panzer's floating wire meshes, Sophie Gogl's tondos hanging from the ceiling and Nana Mandl's collaged interiors.

Artists: Sasha Auerbakh I Cäcilia Brown I Abdul Sharif Baruwa I Kerstin von Gabain I Birke Gorm I Sophie Gogl I Siggi Hofer I Tillman Kaiser I Michael Kienzer I Sonia Leimer I Angelika Loderer I Constantin Luser I Nana Mandl I Albert Mayr I Christoph Meier I Fritz Panzer I Rudolf Polanszky I Peter Sandbichler I Hans Schabus I Toni Schmale

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In addition to the exhibition, the project is also intended as a prelude to a recurring, lively platform for discussion and exchange about contemporary sculpture and artistic production in Vienna. The exhibition will be accompanied by artist talks, performances and discussions on the topic 'Sculpture Today'.

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