Hanna Kučera, Cæcilie Heldt Rønnow, Isa Schieche, Julian Siffert, Valentino Skarwan

Curated by

Julian Siffert and Sebastian Quast


21.06., 19:00


20:00 Valentino Skarwan & Alex Bailey


25.06. – 13.08.


Rennweg 110-116

Picture: Valentino Skarwan

Means are matters of practice, things to do things with. A mean is a mean to fulfill a certain task. They are a category of things that carry potential: instruments, tools, stages, spaces, infrastructures, resources, strategies, ideas. Means are volatile and ambiguous things, that have some other than the current state of things inscribed into them. Means point elsewhere. Ideal means refer to a best case scenario while keeping in the dark the place they are pointing at. Or they might hint at their own immateriality, the ideal of the idea, the unfortunate core of most best case scenarios.

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Set in the former car workshop of Neuer Kunstverein Wien, ideal means brings together five artistic positions, whose works engages with the site as a place of labor through a fantastical and imaginary lense.

Text: Julian Siffert

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