14 Feb — 9 Apr 2020


13 Feb 19:00

Curated by

Felicitas Thun-Hohenstein


Rudolf-Sallinger-Platz 1, 1030 Wien



The Neue Kunstverein Wien presents the exhibition ‘Schüttblenden’ by the artist Katrina Daschner, who works with the methods of filmmaking and visual arts to make mediated realities that contain the attributes and media properties of in front and behind the lens of her subjects.

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The installation developed for the NKW maps Daschner’s confrontations with the stage, settings, and area behind the scenes, the sphere where intimacy withdraws from the event and materializes in an analogous action. In this ‘backstage area’, the protagonists of the cinematic setting form ‘Schüttbleden’ (Flow Fade) — colorful images are made of flowing paint, tapes and textile backgrounds, and performative embroidery works. Here the political potential of material is negotiated as the condensation of the ability to react and respond. Daschner talks of spheres of transfer, between the exhibition, theatre, and cinematic space as a twinned, sensual event. Artificial or real, two- or three-dimensional, fantasy or reality; here they become one, the montage does it, inspired by a vision of life in which things are allowed to flow into each other — physically penetrating, mysterious and intoxicated. The film works ‘Powder Placenta’ (2015) and ‘’Pfauenloch’ (2018) by Daschner are the foil for this conceptually and aesthetically challenging setting.

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