Lilo Nein

Thinking of Something More Beautiful

Lilo Nein

Thinking of Something More Beautiful


12—23 Feb 2021

Curated by

Synne Genzmer

On Instagram


Image credits

All works by Lilo Nein: Courtey Galerie Michaela Stock Images: (c) Lilo Nein, Bildrecht, Vienna

The Neuer Kunstverein Wien presents recent works by Lilo Nein under the title ‘Thinking of Something More Beautiful’ on Instagram referring to the current social situation and related mental, physical and emotional states.

Text-images from Lilo Nein’s performative practice address super-personal experiences as moments in which the longing for relations, communication and closeness is intensified and connected with projections onto a counterpart located somewhere in the abstract outside. The recurring color pink and the cute formal arrangements express a homely atmosphere and at the same time represent a ‘mental doll’s house’ arisen from social isolation within one’s own four walls. However, the view is also directed towards a social perspective, which appear for a moment against the background of changed living conditions.

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Originally planned as an exhibition at Neuer Kunstverein Wien, the presentation was moved to Instagram due to the third lockdown in Austria and can be viewed for 12 days as NKW’s daily post. In parallel, the artist and curator operate a joint Instagram channel on which the withdrawal of the immediately present audience as well as the shift of reception from physical to media space are brought up. Against the backdrop of the entanglement of perception and mediatization of art, the notion of the artwork faces challenges that currently become more clearly explicit, not least due to the increased online presence of the audience.

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