Albert Mayr

Orchestrated View

Albert Mayr

Orchestrated View


30 Nov –20 Dec, 2016


29 Nov 19:00

Curated by

Felicitas Thun-Hohenstein


Gumpendorferstrasse 6, 1060 Wien

Thanks to

Thurn & Bauer


© Neuer Kunstverein Wien

The Neue Kunstverein Wien is pleased to present ‘Orchestrated Overview,’ the first solo exhibition of the Austrian artist Albert Mayr in Vienna. His artistic work has just been awarded the prestigious MO Prize 2016, by the Museum Ostwall, in Dortmund.

Albert Mayr investigates, deconstructs, and reconstructs, at the crossing point of natural and cultural spaces, circuits that reveal new ways to experience the world by radically breaking with aesthetic paradigms.

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The exhibition ‘Orchestrated Overview’ is the first show to present an overview of Mayr's artistic production from the period between 2006-16, focusing on his complex of works on paper, which have not been exhibited previously. They represent a direct, intimate transcription of the artistic space of thought.
Drawings, sketches, artists' books, pictorial reflections, and collages embody intimate notations of everyday life that transfer the experienced and the imagined into a rhizomatic order. As a medium of the experience of life itself, these visualizations of ‘soliloquies with response’ are an effective performance on their image carriers. With-for-and against each other, this graphic work forms a correspondence, marked by intense content and aesthetics, of an artistic perspective that does not dedicate itself to superficial functions but rather challenges their fractures and dysfunctionalities.

The exhibition is accompanied by the artist's book, ‘Albert Mayr, Sketch Book’, published by Flat Mountain Press, with texts by Susanne Neuburger, Felicitas Thun-Hohenstein, and Denis Tyfus, as well as a special edition.

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